The Cybersecurity Revolution is an online event that openly encourages sharing and interaction among the wider cybersecurity research community. It makes use of online video and live streaming technology to bring together researchers for 24 hours of knowledge sharing around the world.

The Cybersecurity Revolution (SECREV) will take place on the 20th of May 2020 (20.5.20).

This event has been established with the goals of:

If you are a cybersecurity researcher or research group we welcome you to join the revolution.

It is an event focused around research, education, science and learning. The presentations can include information about research centers and their objectives, achievements, agendas and roadmaps; overviews and deep dives into past and present research themes and studies; graduate students and their research; discussions related to the theme.


PRESENT - Be a speaker and present your research or research centre. If you are an Academic, Graduate Student, Research or have a Non-Profit Organisation working in cybersecurity your are welcome. All you need is a smartphone and a connection to get started.
WATCH - Organise a screening with collegues and interact with presenters by asking questions and sharing your experiences
FOLLOW AND SUPPORT - Help build the event and show your support for cybersecurity research by whatching presentations and following #SECREV2020 as we build the event online

Please contact us at info@serene-risc.ca to get involved.

Watch past videos from the past conferences in 2018
Watch past videos from the past conferences in 2019